proposal for new website design

Sam S. smls75 at
Sun Dec 27 19:23:05 UTC 2009

Hi guys,

sorry for the long absence, I had a lot of other stuff on my mind lately...

On Sun, Dec 6, 2009 at 10:06 PM, Alexander Dymo
<alexander.dymo at> wrote:
> п'ятниця, 04-гру-2009 21:55:02 Sam S. ви написали:
>> Alexander, what do you think about the "tabs" the way they are shown
>> in Variation f) ?
> Well, they're still tabs :) Could you please try to make them styled links
> instead of tabs? I just want to compare tabs with something else. Maybe tabs
> are better, but who knows...

I put up a few alternatives (again, at I
guess one of those could be used instead, however in my opinion none
of them fit in with the surrounding page design quite as well as the
original tab-like styling.

I also shifted the green color value a bit more. Tell me if that made
it too bright/intense again. (At least it shouldn't feel
"rude"/"distracting" anymore.)

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