KDevelop4 UI

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Tue Dec 22 00:00:56 UTC 2009

On 21.12.09 20:26:53, Nicolas Alvarez wrote:
> David Nolden wrote:
> > So I think we have the required features in place for a 4.0 release. But
> > apart from stability and bugs, there is still a bigger problem that should
> > be addressed first: The messy UI.
> While we're talking about usability...
> Most (if not all) of the default keyboard shortcuts for the debugger
> (the typical Step Into, Step Over, Step Out, and Continue operations)
> clash with the default shortcuts of the editor, so I can't use them;
> I get a popup saying there is a shortcut conflict.

Yeah, I suggest to take that to the katepart authors. IMHO its complete
nonsense to write a "embeddable-everywhere" editing component with such a
ridiculous amount of default shortcuts. It shouldn't have any shortcuts at
all except moving cursor and copy/paste.

Anyway, we'll fix that eventually before the final release, it just didn't
creep up the hierarchy yet as shortcuts are very easy to change.

> After using kdevelop debugger just once, using only the toolbar buttons,
> I went back to cgdb from a console.

You know you can re-define the shortcuts right? I've disabled most of kates
shortcuts, especially those in the F-keys.


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