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Frederik Schwarzer schwarzerf at
Fri Dec 4 13:14:19 UTC 2009

[Kris Wong | Friday 04 December 2009]
> > On 04.12.09 01:27:05, Amilcar do Carmo Lucas wrote:
> > > On Thursday 03 December 2009 22:57:15 Sam S. wrote:
> > > > I did upload one mockup variation without the flags, showing instead a
> > > > custom combobox/dropdown-menu-like thing which looks less intrusive
> > > > than a normal combobox and also shows a picture of the flag
> > > > corresponding to the currently used languge - however, to implement
> > > > such a menu, one would have to use Java Script, and I don't know how
> > > > thrilled Amilcar would be to require Java Script as a dependency for
> > > > using that website...
> > > Not thrilled at all, I hate javascript. Please avoid it at all cost
> >
> > Thats too bad. I've never really done anything large with JS on
> > websites, but I did recently look at some real-world JS code in Firefox
> > extensions (and also wrote my own) and from my perspective its the same
> > as any other language. You sure can do pure evil on websites with JS,
> > but just as well you can do really useful things. But thats the same
> > with any other General Purpose language, the only difference is the
> > OO-model in JS is quite different to many other languages and needs some
> > getting-used-to.
> Web 2.0/3.0 is driven by JavaScript and ajax. I can't imagine anyone would
> disable JS in their browser these days, but I'd bet about 50% of sites would
> not work correctly if they did. I think the idea of avoiding JS has become
> a bit archaic at this point.

Another argument:
A vast majority of the security issues in today's web browsers are
JavaScript-related. I cannot imagine anyone would leave JS enabled carelessly.

(I have JS, Cookies, Java, Flash, ... disabled and only anable JS and Cookies
for specific sited.)

It is simple: know your target group and serve them. If they tend to have
JS disabled, have a fallback. If you decide not to care about that percentage
of users, you do not need a fallback.


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