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Alexander Dymo alexander.dymo at
Fri Dec 4 09:17:19 UTC 2009

четвер, 03-гру-2009 23:57:15 Sam S. ви написали:
> Those three boxes are not part of the navigation panels that are
> present on every page, but are part of the specific content shown on
> the front page. And in my opinion, aligning them left *within* that
> page content area doesn't look good at all. Notheless I've uploaded a
> mockup variation for this case.
Ok, that doesn't look good. They were better to the right :)

> > - less "rude" green color
> Do you mean using as less intense green (as also suggested by David
> and Milian)? I've done that now. 
Yes, I meant less intense. Honestly, I'd prefer even less intense and more 
pleasant green than it is now after your change. For example, to my eyes the 
blue on download section is pleasant, but the green is a bit distracting. 
IMHO, of course. Agreeing on colors is quite hard - everyone will have an 
opinion :)

> > - get rid of the "news", "credits" and "about" tabs (place about/credits
> > to the "community" section as "Developers" link)
> > - remove tabs altogether (no need, all links are already present on the
> > page, and with new design they are quite easy to find); put search in
> > place of tags)
> I've uploaded corresponding mockup variations.
> However, I' personally still in favour of the original one. I've
> uploaded two explanatory graphics (same URL) that explain why I
> arranged the navigation panels the way I did (including those "tabs").

In short, your last mockup is IMHO the best.

> > - put kdevelop 4.x in versions section to the left (again, it's more
> > - get rid of the "links" section (no useful information there anymore
> > IMHO)
> I don't have a strong opinion about this one (I just copied that
> section from the current website) - I guess Amilcar will just have to
> decide whether to still keep that or not.

I was just proposing to reduce the amount of links on the page without making 
it less useful. Links IMHO don't serve any useful purpose, but I'd need 
statistics to make sure that's the case. Amilcar, do we have stats like the 
number of clicks to Links vs the number of visitors?

> Here I somewhat agree, there's so many flags that they can get a
> little bit distracting... (and maybe the website will be translated in
> even more languages in the future)... I just didn't have any
> satisfying idea on how else to do it yet (and also haven't considered
> it a priority since it isn't that important to the design as a whole).
> A combo-box would not only look weird but also require a website
> visitor to understand English in order to switch to another language
> than English, which is not really the point of having those
> translations in the first place! ;-)

I think your solution is just fine. I like how you did the language selector 
mockup. After all, people will recognize flags. I don't see a problem here.

> corresponding to the currently used languge - however, to implement
> such a menu, one would have to use Java Script, and I don't know how
> thrilled Amilcar would be to require Java Script as a dependency for
> using that website...

We can easily have a regular combobox fallback for users without javascript. 
It's not a problem at all.

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