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Amilcar do Carmo Lucas amilcar at
Fri Dec 4 00:27:05 UTC 2009

On Thursday 03 December 2009 22:57:15 Sam S. wrote:
> I don't have a strong opinion about this one (I just copied that
> section from the current website) - I guess Amilcar will just have to
> decide whether to still keep that or not.
Yes, I'm in favor of removing those. External links have a tendency to break 
themselves :)

> Here I somewhat agree, there's so many flags that they can get a
> little bit distracting... (and maybe the website will be translated in
> even more languages in the future)... I just didn't have any
> satisfying idea on how else to do it yet (and also haven't considered
> it a priority since it isn't that important to the design as a whole).
> A combo-box would not only look weird but also require a website
> visitor to understand English in order to switch to another language
> than English, which is not really the point of having those
> translations in the first place! ;-)
I still like the flags though. I'm wiling to change my mind if/when more 
languages come.

> I did upload one mockup variation without the flags, showing instead a
> custom combobox/dropdown-menu-like thing which looks less intrusive
> than a normal combobox and also shows a picture of the flag
> corresponding to the currently used languge - however, to implement
> such a menu, one would have to use Java Script, and I don't know how
> thrilled Amilcar would be to require Java Script as a dependency for
> using that website...
Not thrilled at all, I hate javascript. Please avoid it at all cost

Amilcar Lucas
KDevelop developer/webmaster

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