proposal for new website design

Sam S. smls75 at
Thu Dec 3 22:11:14 UTC 2009

On Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 5:49 PM, Niko Sams <niko.sams at> wrote:
> [...]
> a few thoughts:
> - i'd remove the flags on top (automatic language selection by
> Accept-Language should work for
> most users); replace it with either a dropdown-menu

> - why 3 menus (left, right and top)? I would remove top

See my layout rational (explanatory graphics) at
(scroll to the end)

> - "Welcome to the official KDevelop website..." is imho not needed

This space is supposed to be used to show a "Home" link plus your
current location in the website structure - for example, "Home >>
Downloads >> KDevelop 3.5.5". For the front page itself, this makes no
sense though, so I replaced it with a friendly welcome message here..
Also, I like that this message (plus the search bar) forces a little
empty space there which makes the site look less crowded.

> - downloads statistics are not really useful, as most users will install
> tough their package manager, I would replace them with svn commit graphs

I just thought that showing current download statistics makes the
visitor feel like this project is actually very much alive and
active... Even if the don't exactly show the complete number of
redistributed copies...
(Also, *someone* must have found such download statistics useful, as
they're on the current website as well (only hourly rather than

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