KDevelop::DUChainLock::lockForWrite: Tried to lock the duchain for writing, but it was already locked for reading here

Peter Oberndorfer kumbayo84 at arcor.de
Fri Oct 10 14:26:04 UTC 2008

On Mittwoch 08 Oktober 2008, David Nolden wrote:
> Am Dienstag, 7. Oktober 2008 22:19:46 schrieb Andreas Pakulat:
> > Interesting, do you have more information about which timer might fire and
> > which component then tries to acquire a writeLock? I mean this kind of
> > thing might be scattered all over the codebase by now and we should better
> > try to find the places... In particular I've recently fixed something
> > similar in vcscommon plugin, which indirectly caused another event-loop to
> > run which apparently caused the timer to fire....
> Well, we just have to make sure that we unlock the duchain before we do 
> anything slightly complex. For example it must be unlocked before calling 
> openDocument, and since KMessageBox seems to start a new event-loop, it also 
> needs to be unlocked before that. It's not really interesting what other 
> timers trigger the crash, since there's probably dozens(code-completion, 
> context-browser, whathever), and they should be fine.
> This patch looks good. @Peter Oberndorfer: Have you got an svn account to 
> apply the patch yourself, or should one of us apply it?

No, i do not have a SVN account myself.
Would be nice if you or somebody else with a account applied it for me.

Greetings Peter
> Greetings, David

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