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Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Thu May 29 10:23:32 UTC 2008

On 29.05.08 12:18:12, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> Looking at
> it seems that the intention is to
> save mininum configuration into project.kdev4, and then store user settings
> to .kdev4/project.kdev4.

Not only "minimum" but important is that whatever is stored in the
project.kdev4 can be put under version control and thus is shareable
across users and machines.

> Looking at projectconfigskeleton.{h,cpp}, it seems that project.kdev4 is
> basically a set of default values for .kdev4/project.kdev4.
> Now the question -- if I want some, or all settings, to become stores in
> project.kdev4, how do I do that? For example, it's quite reasonable to 
> want to store some debugger configurations in a way that is accessible
> to other developers on the same project (and Eclipse does provide a way
> to do that).

Invent a way to do that :) The first iteration (done my manyoso IIRC) of
project configuration actually had that but it was quite confusing IIRC.

The problem is mostly about the GUI, how do you enable moving specific
settings in the kcm to the global project config instead of storing it
in the user-specific area. I don't think you want to just move all
settings of one kcm into the global area (which eventually leads to an
increase in kcm's). 

Without much thinking I can see two ways:

a) Create an "editor" for config files, listing the key/value and
eventually a short description, and making it possible to select "global
project" or "user settings"

b) provide our own set of editing widgets for our project kcm's which
wrap standard widgets and allow to set a flag that tells "put this into
global config". This would work automatically when you use
ProjectConfigSkeleton and kconfig_compiler, but of course needs extra
care when you handle the KConfig objects yourself (which is sometimes
needed, for example in launcher config)


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