Feature list for 4.0

Vladimir Prus ghost at cs.msu.su
Wed May 28 04:37:46 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 27 May 2008 23:36:28 Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> Hi,
> I'v finally finished the collection of feature ideas (and also "bugs")
> that should be done before we can release KDevelop 4.0.
> Please everybody have a look at
> http://www.kdevelop.org/mediawiki/index.php?title=KDevelop_4/Feature_Plan
> If anybody wants to discuss any of the items and wether they really need
> to be done for 4.0, please do so here or directly in the wiki - whatever
> fits you better.
> I tried to put not too much into the 4.0 list, but I'm not sure I've
> suceeded at that :)

There are few items that I think are missing:

1. Multiple window support, which is totally broken right now.

2. Implement the launchers framework.

3. Finish porting debugger.

4. Unmess shorcuts?

5. C++ support. I think there are few things to be added to
   reach usable feature parity with other IDEs:

	- Outline of the current class/quick open of method
	in current class. Presently, there's no easy way
	to do this.

	- Find all uses of a symbol. Build call graph (which
	functions call this one)
	- Mark methods that override parent once. Implement
	a dialog to selectively override some parent methods.

I also plan, personally, to implement support for Boost.Build.

- Volodya



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