Debugger configurations and KCM

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Mon May 12 10:52:04 UTC 2008

On Monday 12 May 2008 14:11:37 Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> On 09.05.08 02:09:50, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> > 
> > Hi,
> > right now the project configuration dialog is KSettings::Dialog. I
> > would like to implement "launch configurations" where each project
> > can have several configurations, and for each configuration we have
> > several pages -- application, general GDB settings, maybe specific
> > gdb settings, maybe valgrind settings, so on.
> > 
> > So, instead of letting KSettings::Dialog load KCM pages, I need to
> > have top-level configuration name selector, and based on selected
> > configuration, show a specific set of pages. Am I right that KSettings::Dialog
> > and KCModule are basically of no help here?
> We just had a bugreport about kdev3 run stuff and its inconvenience
> when running debug and optimized versions of your app. I'm wondering
> wether anybody thought about that yet? In particular I hope we will
> allow not only specifying executables, but also just picking targets
> from the project tree to execute. In that case there needs to be a way
> to define which builddirectory should be used to find the executable
> from the target and then deduce the actual executable file with that
> information.
> So when creating a debug run configuration you specify target "kdevelop"
> and the debug-builddir and then you can just copy that configuration and
> s/debug-builddir/release-builddir/ and be done.
> Just something to consider I think.

I think we definitely need a wait to link executable in launch configuration
with a target in build system. I was thinking about "target" selector
together with "build automatically" checkbox.

However, I don't have a plan about debug/release. Should launch configuration
be hard-bound to "debug"/"release" variant, or just refer to a name of the
target and grab whatever build variant happens to be "current"? Do we even
have "current build variant" for a project?

- Volodya

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