GSoC idea: metrics and visualization support in KDevelop (Opinions ?)

Sandro Andrade sandro.andrade at
Mon Mar 24 00:11:32 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I was wondering about some interesting GSoC proposal for KDevelop and I came
up with ideas about metrics and visualization support. At first glance, the
aim would be to provide design metrics mechanisms which estimate the
quality, complexity, and effort required by future changes in a given
development project. The project would involve: design and implementation of
a language-independent core for metric extraction (may be by keeping a
meta-model of the source-code), selection of some most representative
object-oriented metrics (probably regarding size, complexity, coupling, and
inheritance), definition of reference points for bad and good (and
intermediate) metric values, and implementation of some metric visualization

I'm aware that this can be considered a very broad idea, but I believe that
providing a extensible and concise metric extraction and visualization core
would make future inclusion of new metrics and visualizations easier.

So, I would be grateful for any opinions ...

If this sounds impracticable, I would be grateful for some suggestions for
GSoC KDevelop ideas.



Sandro Santos Andrade
Distributed Systems Laboratory (LaSiD)
Computer Science Department (DCC)
Federal University of Bahia
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