Fwd: This year's gsoc

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Wed Mar 19 22:28:52 UTC 2008

On 19.03.08 22:42:48, Aleix wrote:
>  The main benefit I see is, for example, to have cheaper plugins with
>  more features. (I'm thinking of projects like bzr or waf that are
>  already written in python and support it through python will ease
>  things a lot).

The main benefit I see is attracting more developers as scripting
languages are _really cool_ and get a lot of attention.

>  I'm sending this e-mail to you so that you can tell me what do you
>  think of it and, in case you think it could be extended in some way,
>  tell me how could I improve the idea.

I think the idea is great! Scriptability is something that gets asked
about on IRC and the list every now and then and while KDevelop3 does
have some basic support it would be sometimes really nice to write a
plugin in a scripting language.

>  Since giving the interface might not be enough for a full GSoC I've
>  thought that I could add into the proposal the bzr support, since I've
>  spoken a bit to some bzr devel's and they seem very cooperative (not
>  like the waf ones, btw).

I also think its good to have a reference plugin in one of the supported
languages, however you should prepare for some possible problem when
implementing the general framework for scriptability. So maybe making
the reference plugin something simple or making it an "optional" thing
to be done if time is left would be a good idea.


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