KDevelop4 testing

David Nolden zwabel at googlemail.com
Sat Mar 8 19:00:19 UTC 2008

On Saturday 08 March 2008 19:48:36 Tomasz Kalkosiński wrote:
> Hello team.
> I compile KDE4 regularry to see how progress is going with KDE team. I use
> KDevelop3 already so main thing I look at is of course KDevelop4. It looks
> good and I can help testing it or sending proposals.
> I've tried KDevelop4 to parse my CMake-based project but it crashes on
> parsing. I've also tried to open KDevelop4.kdev4 project but it also
> crashes. Should I submit bugs on it or is it normal? If it's normal - what
> code/project do you use for testing KDevelop4?
> I'm espeacially interested in great work done on c++ parsing, hilighting,
> code-completion and refactoring and project CMake-based build management. I
> work daily about 2-3 hours on KDevelop3 so it would be benefit for me to
> enjoy new version and for you as I sumbit kdev4-bugs on daily work basis.

Your testing is very welcome. The C++ support is quite far, on my test 
projects it already works quite reliably. I usually do my testing on 
kdevelop4, kdevplatform, and recently kwin(from kde-4) and amarok(kde4 
version). Notice that after opening a file, you need to insert at least a 
newine somewhere so uses are built and navigation works nicely. For those 
projects my testing was quite successful, however I only tried out a few 
source files.

The important thing to get working C++ support is that you create the projects 
using the cmake build-manager, and configure a build-directory. (Both is 
needed to get correct include-paths).

If you encounter crashes while parsing your project(no matter whether it's 
cmake or the C++ parser), please post backtraces to this mailing-list. It's 
too early for bug-reports.

Just by the way, you should NOT enable the "Parse all projects files on 
project open", because it still takes too much memory.

Greetings, David

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