Two crash dumps

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Sun Jun 22 18:55:31 UTC 2008

On 22.06.08 20:30:30, Tomasz Kalkosiński wrote:
> I've tried to Import Existing Project (my own project) in trunk KDev4 but it failed. I attach two dumps from gdb:

Both of the backtraces from gdb show many parsings of c++ files around.
Did you increase the number of threads to be used for the background
parser? Not that you shouldn't need to increase that.

Also as you're saying this happened on import: Did you activate the
"parse all project files" option under Configure KDevelop->C++? That
option is highly experimental and will most probably eat all your RAM
(unless you've got a few gigs available), especially if your project is
large or has large/complex includes like boost.

> (about 9 MB)
> This one may be related to some symbolic link in project's path:
> (about 3 MB)
> I hope this may help.

Maybe its telling the language-experts more than me.


Your lucky color has faded.

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