Using QTreeView instead of QListView for outputview

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Thu Jun 19 21:23:32 UTC 2008


David asked me today how we can get horizontal scrollbars on the
outputview. My initial reaction was: Should already work, but
unfortunately QListView is totally unsuitable, unless one doesn't use
uniformitemsizes and that means it does quite some more calculations
than necessary.

So I've changed the code back to using QTreeView, just as it was a few
weeks ago. I know somebody here had problems with that, causing the menu
to react slowly when a build was going on and there were many items.

Thus I'd like to ask everybody to test the attached patch, especially
with larger code-bases like kdevelop (lot of lines due to lot of files
and targets, more than the platform IIRC) or even kdelibs. If there's
nobody that sees a performance problem with qtreeview I'm going to
commit this, else we'll have to find some other solution.


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