hard-coded highlight color

David Nolden zwabel+kde at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 23:01:37 UTC 2008

Am Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2008 00:20:54 schrieb Matthew Woehlke:
> Those of us that can't read our source code might disagree ;-). (I guess
> I should change the hard-coded values to something else...)

If you want to tinker with the stuff, look at 
kdevelop/languages/cpp/cpphighlighting.cpp, at the top. Actually I have 
written some code to pick the colors based on foreground/backtround color 
from the scheme so it also works with an intverted color scheme, but somehow 
the colors I got were wrong, so I left it alone. The one line that does it is 
commented out, if you like you can fix it ;)

If you want it fast, just change the one hardcoded foreground color, and the 
colors will be generated close to the new one(or at least should be).

Greetings, David

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