Feature list for 4.0

David Nolden zwabel+kde at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 09:25:16 UTC 2008

Am Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2008 08:25:14 schrieb Andreas Pakulat:
> > > MEMORY USAGE has gotten *waaay* out of hand. The newfangled code
> > > parsing stuff is shiny, but needs 1.4 GB for *three files opened*?! To
> > > quote Ed Harris*, "Gentlemen, that's unacceptable". I've already had to
> > > switch computers because of /3.x/'s memory hogging... I thought Linux
> > > was supposed to disobey Wirth's Corollary :-).
> >
> > Will improve much with persistent duchain and other optimisations, come
> > back after SoC (that is, I presume you were already using svn head?)
> Hmm, I only have 1GB here, so I doubt its using 1.4GB for just 3 files
> opened. I already had much more files opened. Of course it also depends
> on the files contents as we currently store all the language information
> in memory.

It becomes realistic when you use it for some time, because during the 
reparsing the memory usage increases a lot. Also once parsed files are 
currently never deleted again, so it doesn't depend on how many files you 
have open, but on how many files you _had_ open. But that's work in progress, 
and on my list of Things to be fixed.

Greetings, David

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