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Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Thu Jun 12 09:23:56 UTC 2008

On 12.06.08 10:11:01, tomasz2k at wrote:
> I've coded some code with KDevelop4 yesterday and it was nice indeed. I have a few practical issues to resolve and I need your advices.
> 1. I've opened KDevPlatform project (.kdev4) but it doesn't show any entries inside Buildset window. Is it ok?

Yes, you need to add items to that yourself, but they will get stored

> 2. I cannot build KDevPlatform from KDevelop. I've build from the outside but how can I achieve it?

You need to configure the cmake builder first, right-click the project
item and choose project options. Then configure a new builddir for cmake
or give it your existing one.

> 3. What's your practice - you code kdevplatform and/or kdevelop, built it from kdevelop and run/debug new instance from within instance you're working on?

Yes, but IIRC run/debug currently doesn't work fully yet. So I usually
use the embedded konsole to do that.

> 4. I build kdevplatform and kdevelop with kdesvn-build script. Are there any issues with that you're aware of?

Doing that myself and works perfect.

> 5. Code colors palette is ok! Is it configurable now or not yet?

Not yet.


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