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Evgeniy Ivanov powerfox at
Tue Jun 10 10:25:12 UTC 2008

Kishore wrote:
> On Tuesday 10 Jun 2008 2:30:01 pm Evgeniy Ivanov wrote:
>>> Then I want to write an "Alt-tab" behaviour widget with all opened views
>>> by last accessed hierarchy. 
>> Shift+left/right arrow rocks (like in Konsole)
> Alt+left/right in kate and kdevelop currently does the same.
Thanks :) Didn't notice (in kate too).

Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> On 10.06.08 13:00:01, Evgeniy Ivanov wrote:
> Not if you have 20-30 files open and want to switch from file 3 to 26 ;)
> The thing that really rocks is KDevelop3's
> Quick-Open-On-Already-Opened-Files (IIRC there's no default shortcut for
> that, but the action is called "Switch To..").
> Andreas
If we have || myfile.h, .cpp, .ui || yourfile.h, .cpp || then it will be 
26/2 (or even 3) tabs. Also you may move in both directions, so you 
don't have to use more than tabs/2 shortcuts, so in case you have opened 
26 files (.h and .cpp) you have 13 tabs, so only 7 shortcuts are 
required to move to any file. Anyway It's faster than taking mouse.
Since we have alt+arrow there might be shift+arrow to switch across tab 
(not the next, but next after next).
Sorry my English and unclear thoughts: I'm doing discrete math now :)

Best Regards,

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