KDevPlatform ruby extension progress

Matt Rogers mattr at kde.org
Sat Jun 7 17:20:20 UTC 2008

On Saturday 07 June 2008 12:13:36 Richard Dale wrote:
> I've checked in a kdevplatform Smoke library and a ruby extension that uses
> it, into kdebindings/smoke/kdevplatform and kdebindings/ruby/kdevplatform
> respectively. There are over 125 KDevelop:: and Sublime:: classes wrapped,
> although I still need to add the list marshallers for the Ruby extension
> (that shouldn't take long).
> The following classes gave problems with either the code generation or
> linking and weren't wrapped:
> KDevelop::BackgroundParser
> KDevelop::ContextOwner
> KDevelop::Definition
> KDevelop::IBuildSystemManager
> KDevelop::IDocumentController
> KDevelop::IPluginController
> KDevelop::IProject
> KDevelop::IProjectBuilder
> KDevelop::IProjectFileManager
> KDevelop::IQuickOpen
> KDevelop::IRunProvider
> KDevelop::IStatus
> KDevelop::DUContext::SearchItem
> KDevelop::DUChainObserver
> KDevelop::QuickOpenFileSetInterface
> I hope that none of these will be a showstopper WRT developing a Ruby
> language plugin in Ruby. I wonder if the use of threading with ThreadWeaver
> is going to be a problem with Ruby as it isn't threadsafe. Perhaps as long
> as Ruby code is only ever running in one thread it will be ok.
> The vcs headers gave a lot of compile problems and so I've left them out
> for now.
> The next step is to create a Ruby language plugin and try it out..
> -- Richard

With IBuildSystemManager being left out, it's not possible to build a rakefile 
parser to run rake with when dealing with ruby projects. I don't necessarily 
think that's a showstopper for basic ruby support but thought I should point 
it out anyways.

Awesome work!

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