Fwd: Sponsoring Kdevelop

Amilcar do Carmo Lucas webmaster at kdevelop.org
Fri Jun 6 23:19:16 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 04 June 2008 19:19:15 Aleix wrote:
> > Why do we take the money at all? They're offering something that I think
> >  might be more worthwhile as a start: A new design for our projects
> >  website.
I'm sorry, but I obviously do not agree. I put a lot of time in the website.
It runs tons of scripts and it uses the latest HTML+CSS satandards, it follows 
webcoding guidelines and all.
If you do not like it submit patches for the .css file, that is the only file 
that you need to change to get a hole new look, nothing else.

> >  There have been quite some complaints from normal users that 
> >  our website is a bit overloaded and its hard to find stuff and I have to
> >  agree.
Have had a alternative design on the website for a long time, but you need 
a "special" URL to activate it.

And you can bring it back with

I've made the website with developers in mind, but the mass of our visitors 
are dumb users, so it might be a good idea to switch to the "user" mode.

> >  It doesn't really look very up-to-date either. 
But it is, the website uses 4 diffwerent cron jobs to generate itself, every 
10 minutes

> >  Eventually we 
> >  could even get the wiki properly fit into the website itself - which is
> >  one of the main reasons I find the wiki a bit awkward, it feels like a
> >  completely different website unrelated to kdevelop.org.
Regarding the wiki, it's a pretty much out-of-the-box mediawiki installation, 
and yes I agree with you it does not integrate well with the website.

> >  If we decide to take the money, the other two questions can most
> >  probably be best answered by the KDE e.V. as they have the knowledge
> >  about that stuff.
I'll ask them.

Amilcar Lucas
KDevelop.org webmaster

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