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Mon Jun 2 12:12:56 UTC 2008

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Subject: Re: Objective c IDE for linux
Date: Monday 02 June 2008
From: Richard Dale <rdale at foton.es>
To: "Luke Titley" <luke.titley at googlemail.com>

Hi Luke

On Sunday 01 June 2008 23:27:11 you wrote:
> Hey,
> I've recently found a post on the kdevelop website mentioning a patch you
> submitted 8 years ago with regards to adding objective c support for
> kdevelop.
8 years - phew! - that was a long time ago.

> I have been unsuccessful in finding any IDEs for objective c under linux.
> Are there any tools you would recommend for development of objective c
> applications under linux ?
I'm afraid I haven't done any Objective-C programming for over 5 years, and
I'm a bit out of touch with how the GnuStep project is doing. Do they still
not have a dev environment? They've certainly got a nice version of
InterfaceBuilder I think.

The C++ parser in KDevelop4 is a lot more sophisticated than the one that
KDevelop 1.x had, and I would expect it to be a lot more work to add than it

took me.

It looks like the KDE4 version of the Kate text editor has Objective-C

mardigras rdale 509% ls ./share/apps/katepart/syntax/object*

It took very little work to get gdb working with KDevelop 1.x as it's just
part of gcc, and so maybe that bit wouldn't be too hard.

I can forward this mail to the kdevelop-devel list just in case someone has
thought about Objective-C support.

-- Richard
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