Crash after requesting context menu (after reopening the project)

Evgeniy Ivanov powerfox at
Tue Jul 29 19:39:16 UTC 2008

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Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> On 28.07.08 21:05:42, Evgeniy Ivanov wrote:
>> After I reopen the project and request context menu in the projects view
>> I get crash. Everything is ok, only context menu crashes KDevelop.
>> It's a new behavior, so it isn't look affected by my changes (I do
>> everything in a safe place).
>> So I do:
>> void DistributedVersionControlPlugin::checkoutFinished(KJob* _checkoutJob)
>> {
>>     DVCSjob* checkoutJob = dynamic_cast<DVCSjob*>(_checkoutJob);
>>     KDevelop::IProject* curProject =
>> core()->projectController()->findProjectForUrl(KUrl(checkoutJob->getDirectory()
>> ));
>>     KUrl projectFile = curProject->projectFileUrl();
>>     qDebug() << "projectFile is " << projectFile << " JobDir is "
>> <<checkoutJob->getDirectory();
>>     qDebug() << "Project will be closed and open";
>>     core()->projectController()->closeProject(curProject);
>>     core()->projectController()->openProject(projectFile);
>> I get new project opened, but context menus...
>> Here bt:
>> #0  0xb5d649d9 in KDevelop::IPlugin::core (this=0x852e0a8) at
>> /workspace/gsoc/kdevplatform/interfaces/iplugin.cpp:181
>> 181         return d->core;
>> (gdb) bt
>> #0  0xb5d649d9 in KDevelop::IPlugin::core (this=0x852e0a8) at
>> /workspace/gsoc/kdevplatform/interfaces/iplugin.cpp:181
>> #1  0xb5d649fb in KDevelop::IPlugin::extensionManager (this=0x852e0a8)
>> at /workspace/gsoc/kdevplatform/interfaces/iplugin.cpp:186
> This backtrace suggests that you have BiC problems with your plugins. I
> suggest to remove anything starting with libkdev and kdev from your
> kde4/lib dir and then remove your builddirs and rebuild+reinstall both
> kdevplatform and kdevelop. 
> That line simply can't crash.
> Andreas

Unfortunately it can.
Backtrace by Alexandr Dymo:
As I understood he has a crash without checking out.
Part of my bt:

The code (with veritas/coverage/coverageplugin.cpp:97):
If I comment lines 15-16 everything is ok. Also if I use
IProject::reloadModel() instead of opening/closing the project
everything is ok too.
Do you think
May break in any way:
IBuildSystemManager* bm = proj->buildSystemManager();

I committed the code with reloadModel(), so everything is ok now (but
close/open feats my needs better).

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Cheers, Evgeniy.
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