Requiring KDE 4.2/trunk

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Fri Jul 11 14:24:32 UTC 2008

On 10.07.08 17:58:09, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > now that trunk/ is KDE 4.2 I'd like to know what you think when we can
> > start to require KDE 4.2? In particular there's a new method in
> > KDirOperator that we need to provide extendable context menu in the
> > filemanager plugin. I'm not going to implement that tomorrow, so there's
> > no need to rush, I'd just like to know what others think is a reasonable
> > time-frame to "let the dust settle" :)
> I thought trunk/kdexyz implicitly required trunk/kde{libs,base/runtime} 
> not more than 1 week old? (At least, "required" as in "it might work 
> with branch but no promises")

No, AFAIK that was more in the pre-release phase of KDE 4.0.0. Or at
least the module coordinaters decide how to handle this.

That said, I think the policy we follow here (at least thats how it
looked in KDevelop3 days) is that as long as its an optional minor
feature or minor bugfix that require's a more recent version it should
be ifdef'ed. As soon as we have a bugfix or feature that is crucial to
have, we change our requirement to an up-to-date kdelibs. Something that
comes to mind here would be new oxygen icons in kdebase/runtime, that we
need to use (due to lack of others), or speed-improvements in kate that
are crucial to make kdev4 usable.


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