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Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Wed Jul 9 09:10:01 UTC 2008

On 09.07.08 01:56:20, Frederik Schwarzer wrote:
> Hi,
> while crawling through kdevelop's po file, I noticed a few things.
> - Don't!
>    In some (or many) places abbreviations like "don't" are used.
>    These are terms only used in spoken english.
>    Are you officially following the KDE policy of not using them?

Yes of course.

> - Directory vs. Folder
>    Here, directory and folder are just placeholders for deprecated and
>    shiny new terms to be used in KDE. Are you also following the
>    "prefered terms" policy?

Yes. Consistency is important and I don't think any of us cares about
the actual name used.

> - Executable vs. Binary
>    There are also a few more technical terms that are not covered by the
>    KDE wording task force.
>    E.g. how do you want the programme file of Make to be called?
>    Make executable or Make binary?
>    Both terms are used side by side at the moment.

I'm not sure which one to prefer, I guess we could use some input from
users or usability people here. I'll try to remember sending them a
mail - unless someone beats me to it.

> - Credits
>    There is a name with an @ sign in it and another one with the surname
>    written UPPERCASE.
>    Furthermore, are all contributors to be listed there? Does it make sense to
>    only keep those who contributed to facilities still there in KDevelop 4?
>    I.e. skip (or move) mentioning of Ada or PHP support?

IMHO contributers who haven't writtin KDevelop4 code should be removed
and of course names should be using "normal characters".

> - Be careful what you write
>    I also found a few strings where the author was not sure what to put there yet.
>    Putting stuff like "bla bla bla" or "Nothing to see here" might be ok for developers
>    but these strings are also extracted to po files and distributed to a bunch of
>    translators. Some of them keep track of changes early and thus have to deal with
>    stuff like that.

Would you mind sending those authors a electronic kick in the ass
please. Its completely braindead to do that and then check the code into

>    Is it possible to skip the i18n() in those cases and put a // FIXME there as a
>    reminder for later?

Either that or fix the places. If you can come up with a list of places
I can try to fix them. Or even better, put that into a bugreport :) With
high severity please.


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