Use Bugzilla for KDevelop4 development

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Sun Jul 6 22:21:19 UTC 2008


just sent the "invitation to report bugs against kdevelop4" out to our
two lists (will do a blog post later on). 

Now this is more for us developers: I'd like us to use bugzilla
seriously now for development. That means:

- First of all: subscript to kdevelop-bugs mailinglist (see our website)
  so you get all the mails from bugreports.
- if you find a bug, report it (I've already sent the core devs a link
  to easily do that)
- if you find some missing functionality (not missing plugin!), report
  it as well
- if you start working on a bug or a feature, assign it to yourself so
  others are aware that somebody already works on it
- remember to use BUG:
- point new contributors asking for simple tasks to our bugzilla list of
  open bugs/wishlist items.
- try to use severity and importance level a bit more

If we can manage to do that I think tracking our current state (and how
far we are from release) and our current "known" bugs will be a lot
easier. It can also be easier to attract new contributors as we have a
list of bugs they can look at and try to fix.

I've opened a new product with a few components for KDevPlatform
already, if you think we need more just add them (if you don't have the
power to do that and you're a core developer ask sysadmin at kde org to
give you the power). Same goes for KDevelop products.

I'll try to move the existing bugs from kdevelop to kdevplatform where
it makes sense and delete the components in kdevelop then. Also I'll be
adding wishlist/bug reports for all our features from the wiki and my
personal todo list in the coming days.


You are not dead yet.  But watch for further reports.

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