Document Status Display

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Wed Jan 2 10:49:44 UTC 2008

On 02.01.08 11:28:56, David Nolden wrote:
> I think we need some way to display arbitrary additional status-information 
> for each document.
> The current main use-case for that is the parsing state: I'd like to have an 
> icon(or maybe a color) associated with the document that shows 3 states:
> - Parsing
> - Parsed with serious problems like not found include files(Somehow it should 
> be possible to show those problems)
> - Parsed, building uses(takes some time)
> - Parsed + uses built

Is that information really useful? Except the serious problems state
IMHO a  progress indicator should be enough. I know for debugging
purposes the finer grained information is valuable, but for the end
users I think it doesn't matter that much wether the uses are built
already or not. Or am I wrong?

> Then it would be nice if such a display could be abstract enough so teamwork 
> can add its own status icons to documents while collaboration.
> The question is where exactly to display such information, how to implement, 
> etc.

We already have a status interface IIRC (Hamish added it), so all thats
needed is some way to display an icon I guess. I think we should have
one method to show it constantly and one that fades it out after a

currently the implementation uses the statusbar in the mainwindow, but I
think some things should later also use the kde notification system,
think about build-finishes. Or we can implement a separate dockwidget
like Eclipse for that.


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