Proposal for GSoC, want to get your opinions

Evgeniy Ivanov lolkaantimat at
Tue Feb 26 13:03:19 UTC 2008

I agree with everything above (I mean usage of existing
applications/code, features needed...). But as Andreas have told the
idea is not only in parser writing. I will try to sum up everything
Finish basic functionality for a working Git backend (git support,
using current KDevelop API and similar to existing modules). If needed
some design changes and fixes.
-Making vcs integration plugins extensible (using qtscript or
kross). Basically, there should be a way to run user commands, add them to
appropriate menus, display results, change code in the editor and so on.
-Basic stuff like branching and tagging
for the existing VCS, UI.

>  > Will this task be enough to warrant 2-3 months of work?
> Depending on the students pre-knowledge I think yes. Its not just about

If to be sincere, at this moment I'm a bit far from vcs (just used
cvs/svn commands to work with code). And my experience in development
consist of just few projects (sdlgraph for FPC, QOrganizer fixes and
from December I work with mozilla project - write patches). Before
starting my GSoC project (if I will applied) I want to make some
«initial research» to see the current code, another applications (QGit
for example).
I want to finish things that would be listed in the proposal, if I
able I will make much more.
Also there is a time after summer :) It's a good time to become KDE
developer (at this time I just contribute some translations).


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