Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Fri Apr 25 09:33:14 UTC 2008

On 25.04.08 10:54:40, Tomasz Kalkosiński wrote:
> >> 3. Alt-Tab implementation to switch open windows in recently used order stack. It's one that is missing from other IDEs. Many developers work years with Alt-Tab so there should be implemented. There are details on behaviuor: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alt-Tab
> >
> > Alt-Tab is a window-manager shortcut that KDevelop won't change (at
> > least not by default). We decided that we do need a history and when
> > thats implemented you'll get shortcuts for it too. Also you can have
> > this to a certain extent already in KDevelop3, check the configure
> > shortcuts dialog for next/previous stuff under the kdevelop group.
> I know history in KDev3 and I use it but it's different then Alt-Tab. When I wrote Alt-Tab I've meant behaviour at all. I'm looking forward for implementation, thanks!

But KDevelop has nothing to do with the Alt+Tab switching of top-level
windows. Thats something your windowmanager has to do.

> >> 9. "collapse to definitions" collapses all definitions, methods etc. redundantly down
> >
> > Collapse where? In the editor you can do this by using the folding
> > border from kate.
> Yes but you have to collapse every region by yourself. With a shortcut you can achive something like this: http://integralpath.blogs.com/thinkingoutloud/WindowsLiveWriter/VisualStudioRegionsarelikeicebergs_7EA1/image%7B0%7D%5B1%5D_1.png to view it cleanly.
> Kate doesn't know about what is definition region and what is other region. Kdevelop should help.

Kate doesn't expose the region/folding AFAIK, so you should first get
the kate devs to do that, then we can talk about kdevelop supporting
some intelligent folding.

> >> 10. "collapse everything" collapses every region redundantly down. Currently it only collapses top level regions, while inner regions are expanded.
> >
> > see above.
> This comes to Kate part I guess. Problem is collapse top level collapses only top level, not levels below.

Yes, thats kate stuff.

> >> 13. ctrl+space pops up completion. I'd like to have a "pop up prototype for this method". It's annoying when you're on third argument, prototype popup is gone, you go back to left parenthisis and ctrl+space again just to know what's the type of third argument.
> >
> > Thats a bug - IMHO. Ctrl+Space should always show argument hints when
> > you're after a backspace inside a function call.
> Not really a bug. Scenario might be like this:
> this->Send
>     ctrl+space - popup (ONE) occurs SendMessage or SendError to choose from
>     you select SendMessage
> this->SendMessage (
>     popup tells your 2 arguments: std::string text, int logLevel
>     you type:
> this->SendMessage (this->
>     ctrl+space - popup (TWO) apprears telling you to choose this->GetMessage
>     you select GetMessage
> this->SendMessage (this->GetMessage (
>     popup (THREE) appears telling you to fill argument int index
>     you type:
> this->SendMessage (this->GetMessage (3),
>     popup ONE usually isn't there no more, you don't know what's the second argument of SendMessage. That's when I think you should have "show prototype".

What I'm saying is when you hit Ctrl+space after that , it should show
you the argument hints again, eventually together with the
code-completion. And if that doesn't happen right now, thats a bug.


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