Automatically add project to buildset?

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Fri Apr 25 06:52:16 UTC 2008

On Friday 25 April 2008 10:28:39 Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> On 25.04.08 09:01:00, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> > On Friday 25 April 2008 00:46:23 Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > > Hi,
> > > 
> > > apparently its a bit mysterious how to do building in KDevelop4, besides
> > > the actions beeing always active - which is going to be fixed sooner or
> > > later. So I'm wondering wether it makes sense to simply add a project to
> > > the buildset automatically when opening it and no item from that
> > > project is in the buildset? Better ideas?
> > 
> > Have a notion of current project?
> We already have that, just not in the GUI. The project tree has a
> selection model, so we could just build the current selection. And once
> we disable the build actions when nothing is selected, it should be
> pretty clear where to go to build something.
> > While buildset might be handy, it's probably not as common as desire
> > to build just one project one is hacking on right now.
> Hmm, we can have support for building the active document, or even the
> target of the active document - if it is in a known project.

I'm not sure if I like implicit behaviour. Maybe, the toolbar (currently
underused), should have a combobox that used to select what to build?

In fact, I'm thinking about right debugger configuration, and thinking
about adding a combo to select the current debugger configuration. This
mean that the toolbar might have two comboboxes:

1. What to build.
2. What to run/debug/valgrind/etc

Which seems like a fairly clear approach to me.

- Volodya

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