[PATCH] Fix utf8 output in MakeWidget

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Mon Apr 14 10:30:11 UTC 2008

On 14.04.08 13:58:04, Maxim Pugachev wrote:
> I suspect it. I`m not a kdevelop, nor qt hacker :) But it works for me
> anyway.

Yeah, but it'll break if people use something non-utf8... Anyway not a
big problem, I'm using utf-8 too so I should be able to easily reproduce
it once I've got some time.

> Sorry, but i don`t know what is "stock package". I use "3.5.1" from my
> gentoo portage (package from kde/stable/3.5.9/src/).

Well there's a "missing output lines" bug in the 3.5.1 source release
which is fixed only in svn. I did send out notification about the fix to
the kde-packagers list but as far as I can see packagers are a bit slow
in adopting it (I think debian didn't yet).

So I'd like to ask you to compile KDevelop3 from svn (check our website
for instructions) and see wether you need the patch with that or not.
Hopefully you don't, that would save me quite some time :)


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