GDB Load Symbols & Wishes

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Thu Apr 3 17:09:33 UTC 2008

On Thursday 03 April 2008 20:53:46 Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> On 03.04.08 12:06:28, Clarke, Jason, RBSGC wrote:
> > A summary of the following thread;
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> > 1.) Is there any way to add a progress bar for gdb when it's doing
> > something, for example loading symbols when attaching to a process?
> No, gdb just comes back with the result - AFAIK, so a progress bar
> doesn't make much sense. A busy indicator might be good though.
> > 2.)  From what I've gleaned GDB is quite slow with multithreaded
> > applications, due to lack of caching of symbols/stacks. My suggestion
> > (if possible) to help things, is to do shallow queries in objects in the
> > locals window until that object is expanded. Is there ability in the GDB
> > api to do so? E.g. if you have an object on the stack and you step
> > through some code, it should only display that objects address, and not
> > deep query it, until explicitly clicking expand like "plus".
> I'll leave that one to volodya.
> Note however that KDevelop4 has a threaded debugger, which should make
> the ui more responsive - AFAIK.

1. It does not have yet :-) Though I hope to have that bit finished soon.
2. We have to jump though hoops in order to implement accurate variables
display despite the fact that stepping though the function can cause
new variables to come into scope, possibly shadowing previously visible
variables. This of course is not very efficient, but I hope to implement
proper mechanism in GDB to handle that.

- Volodya

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