Performance problems in CMake support

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Tue Apr 1 14:11:03 UTC 2008

On 01.04.08 15:48:39, Aleix wrote:
> If you grep QRegExp on the parser directory you will see that it is only on:
> - CMakeAst, command parser:
>     * To collect the cmake_minimum_required version value.
>     * The same for cmake_policy (2.6)
> - Condition evaluator:
>     * For the MATCHES case (from cmake, can't remove it).
> - Project Visitor:
>     * To get the information from the envvar list (it could be changed, and
> I will, but I don't think it is significant)
>     * On the STRING command on regex-related options.
>     * ADD_DEFINITION command: to extract info from the definitions. (it
> could be changed, and I will, it appears quite often so maybe it could be
> significant)
>     * REMOVE_DEFINITION command: the same but barely used.
> It is used on the manager 1 time so it is not a problem as well.
> I'll remove now the few I think that could be removed but, as I said, I
> think the big load of regex is used by the cmake scripts themselves.

Ok, so maybe we should think about not using Qt's regex support, but
instead something else, like pcre? Or check what cmake itself uses.


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