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Matt Rogers mattr at kde.org
Sun Nov 18 04:01:15 UTC 2007

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On Nov 14, 2007, at 8:54 AM, Andreas Pakulat wrote:

> On 14.11.07 09:31:07, Kris Wong wrote:
>>> Thats similar to what eclipse has, but it doesn't scale
>>> either, think of
>>> those "insane" Jens Dagerbos out there that have 40 files
>>> open at the same
>>> time.
>> I would say, for those users, we are trying to solve the wrong
>> problem.  Nobody is going to be actively editing 40 files at once.
> Still having 20 files open is not that uncommon, IMHO. Wether or  
> not you
> work on them doesn't matter, they are in the list of opened files.
>> This were David's idea of working file sets would be uber handy.   
>> This
>> would allow the user to easily switch between different sets of files
>> that are open for edit, and could significantly cut down on the  
>> number
>> of files that have "represntation" in the tab widget at any one time.
>> IMO, this seems like the problem should be trying to solve.
> Working filesets cut down only if you don't need the other 15  
> files, but
> what if you do?
> Also as I said that dropdown-thing only allows to switch between  
> files,
> while my proposal was about edit-history, which includes multiple  
> places
> in the same file.
> Andreas

I think this is where a document stack would come in handy. This  
would work in the same way that vim does it when looking up  
definitions via cscope or ctags. You could have a keyboard shortcut  
that would automatically find the definition of whatever symbol is  
under your cursor. That keyboard shortcut would open the new file in  
the current window. You would also have another keyboard shortcut to  
pop the document stack to go back to the original document you  
performed the lookup in. You could also have keyboard shortcuts that  
cycle through open files. For those using the mouse, the document  
list should be enough.
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