[VCS] annotation widget

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Sat Nov 17 00:08:38 UTC 2007


I just implemented svn annotate in the reworked svn plugin (I didn't yet
check wether dukju already had a widget for this) and I wonder wether we
should try to get the kate devs to provide an API for the following:

a) add a "annotation label" to the border, similar to the line numbers,
in the svn-case it would carry the revison
b) show an arbitrary tooltip (html-formatted probably) when hovering
this annotation-label.
c) eventually some way to specify a color for each label, this would be
used to group labels with the same content.

IMHO it would be cool if we could show the output of the VCS annotate
action directly in the editor and thus remove the need for a toolview or
dialog which again displays all the content from the editor and
additionally the blame-info.

I asked kate devs already if there maybe is such an interface, but got
no reply and so before trying it again I'd like input from the other
kdevelop devs.


You fill a much-needed gap.

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