[RFC] KDev4 Ui

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Thu Nov 15 23:38:25 UTC 2007

On 16.11.07 00:59:55, Alexander Dymo wrote:
> 2) My preferred ui for the history would be quickopen dialog with ordered 
> files in it.
> In fact, I'd like to see
> - quickopen opened files

I always assumed this was a "standard", because we already have that in

> - quickopen navigation history 
> 	list of opened and closed files ordered by access time
> 	with closed files properly coloured to indicate they aren't visible anymore

Hmm, Jens said that one would need some additional information
displayed, so one knows which code one is jumping to. However I think
our new quickopen can provide that.

> - quickopen edit history
> 	list of edited files (opened or closed) with positions inside the file
> 	(or ideally with method names, not only row numbers)

So this is any file that was changed, or only files that where
changed+saved? (IMHO the latter makes more sense)

> 3) Looks like we need to have some kind of filelist toolview, but I personally 
> have no use for it, 3 quickopen modes as above would substitute it.

We already have the toolview, and I don't have a use for it either, at
the moment. Though as I said if it gets shown when I walk through files
via some next/prev shortcut I'd probably find it useful. Though that
would mean it has to be ordered according to what the next/prev action

> 4) One thing I know for sure (and the sole reason for me still using tabs). I 
> need to see 3-4 files I work with. Usually in KDev3 I have tabs with those 
> files located one near another (it doesn't matter whether I have 4 files 
> opened or 40, I just need to see those 3-4 tabs on the screen).
> This sounds like David's working set but here I'd like to explicitly say that 
> the file belongs to the working set. I.e. I'd like to press a shortcut 
> for "add to working set" action and see the tab created.

Hmm, so maybe we should have something like "cycle through the files in
the working-set" and a "cycle through all open files", that way one can
add the files one is actively working on to a working-set (even if its
just temporary and not persisted or something) and then easily cycle
between them and still get to other files that are open as well...


Is this really happening?

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