[RFC] KDev4 Ui

Esben Mose Hansen kde at mosehansen.dk
Thu Nov 15 10:41:29 UTC 2007

On Thursday November 15 2007 11:29:52 Jens Dagerbo wrote:

> Try opening 50 files in a multiline tab UI - you will feel "forced" to
> close some to have some screen space left to actually view your
> documents.

Actually, I did say I would limit the number of lines to say 5 (I can see the 
firefox extension uses 3). After that, it would have to scroll in some way.

> > (And imho, a vertical open-file-list would still be better)
> Well.. then we are in full agreement! :)
> Kill the tabwidget, it is the WRONG choice! Well.. IMHO.

That was my first point. It should be a plugin, like in Kate, for those who 
for some reason edits very small projects or projects where you only look in 
a few files at the time.

regards, Esben

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