setting up cmake builddirs

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Mon Nov 12 00:32:39 UTC 2007


currently for a cmake project one can configure multiple cmake builddirs
via the project configuration. The dialog for setting up a new builddir
forces the user to let cmake run before being able to close it.

Now I just (as in the last couple of days) added configure-support for
projects via the projectbuilder. This allows the CMakeBuilder to run
cmake with a builddir+sourcedir fetched from the
project/buildsystemmanager. That in turn makes the above enforcement
kind of obsolete - IMHO. 

So I'd like to move forward and do the following:

a) add an edit button to allow to change the following things for each
  - cmake binary
  - builddir
  - install prefix
  - buildtype
  - arbitrary cmake arguments

b) store that information in nested groups for each builddir, those
settings override anything in the CMakeCache.txt when the user runs
configure on the project

c) remove the "run cmake" stuff from the dialog and add a note that
after creating a builddir the user needs to configure the project

d) make sure the cmakecache.txt-model doesn't break down when there's no
CMakeCache.txt file ;)

This means the workflow for creating a new cmake project (or opening one
which doesn't have a builddir yet) would be: project-configuration, add
a builddir with apropriate options, then run Configure from the menu and
then you can build/install.

Objections? Better ideas?


PS: The "guessing" of the cmake binary is not cross-platform, but I
don't have a better idea right now (uses which cmake currently).

Never be led astray onto the path of virtue.

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