CMAKE_MODULE_PATH and cmake import

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Wed Nov 7 11:54:09 UTC 2007

On 07.11.07 12:42:18, Esben Mose Hansen wrote:
> To start with the question: Is setting CMAKE_MODULE_PATH supported by the 
> CMake module? If not, where should I start if I want to fix it?

AFAIK: Yes, at least it works here for me with kde4 :) But Aleix should
know for sure.

> And the background:
> I'm trying to get the svn version of kdevelop to work well enough to do my 
> daily work with, so that when I get annoyed by something I can fix it :) 

Ooooh, I'm not sure thats a good idea. Doesn't KDevelop3 work good
enough for you? OTOH more people fixing the little annoyances, or even
just complaining about them might make it basically usable in shorter
time :)

> My first problem comes when kdevelop attempts to parse the CMake files. 
> Apparently, KDevelop doesn't understand this line
> set(CMAKE_MODULE_PATH "${calypso_SOURCE_DIR}/cmake_modules/")

That smells like a bug, it does understand the similar line in KDevelops


There are two things differing:
a) you're using the <project>_SOURCE_DIR variable, dunno if that is
b) quotes, dunno either if the cmake parser does the right things with
these, though I'd suspect rather a) being the problem than b)

> I tried to set it manually in project options (Cmake, advanced) but this just 
> crashed kdevelop.

Have a backtrace?


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