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Matt Rogers mattr at kde.org
Thu Jul 26 04:22:38 UTC 2007

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On Jul 21, 2007, at 8:31 AM, Roberto Raggi wrote:

> Hi!
> Il giorno 20/lug/07, alle ore 14:31, Kris Wong ha scritto:
>>> Yup, I'll be happy to do the merging work. :) /me 0wns svn. ;)
>>> - - --
>>> Matt
>> Have you guys tried this method before on this project?  Speaking  
>> from
> not exactly but I remember that we developed KDevelop3 alpha 2 (or
> 3?!? whatever...) in separate branch and we managed to do it using
> CVS!! At that time KDevelop was using a modified version of KDevelop2
> SourceInfo as code model. SourceInfo wasn't good enough for real time
> updating and it was crashing quite a bit, so we did KDevCodeModel,
> Catalog and the KDevelop 3 class browser in the make_it_cool branch
> (http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-commits&m=105958061606919&w=2). We
> ported all the other programming language plug-ins and I remember
> that Alexander implemented the resizable Combo Box (required for the
> new class browser in the make_it_cool branch). We merged make_it_cool
> in the main branch when make_it_cool was very *cool* ;-) New code
> model, new real time class browser with 3 different views, and a lot
> of other nice things :-). I also remember that the alpha (developed
> in make_it_cool) was a very successful release and we had many many
> developers using it.
> Hamish implemented fast editor support for KDevelop in a topic branch
> too (fast_editor_branch). We had a branch for KDevelop2 using Kate as
> editor in KDEVELOP_2_2_BRANCH.
> What I'm trying to say is: please don't use trunk for your
> experimental code, use a separate branch for that. We already did it
> and a lot of stuff we did in the make_it_cool branch is still used 4
> years later in KDevelop 3.4. Writing from a *scratch* a new version
> of the qmake project manager in /trunk is ridiculous, if you ask me.
> You are lucky, SVN is (maybe?) better than CVS for branching/merging
> and Matt really wants to maintain /trunk, so you don't have to care
> about the boring part.
> Matt, how about you write a little proposal with a possible new
> KDevelop 4 commit/branch policy? then you can ask the active
> developers to vote it. I'm not active, so I won't vote :-)
> ciao robe

Will do. I'll need a bit of time though, maybe a week. I'll start a  
new thread when I have something
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