Removing some things from C++ parser

Roberto Raggi roberto at
Wed Jul 25 21:34:54 UTC 2007


Il giorno 25/lug/07, alle ore 23:10, Andreas Pakulat ha scritto:

> On 25.07.07 22:39:46, Jakob Petsovits wrote:
>> On Wednesday, 25. July 2007, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
>>> On a side note (this one's for Roberto I think): I'm guessing the  
>>> few
>>> inlines inside the C++ parser are by purpose to make it faster,  
>>> right?
>>> (just checking that a krazy exclude is better than un-inlineing  
>>> them)
>> I'd say, as the C++ language support is not public API anyways,  
>> inlines can do
>> no harm with respect to binary compatibility, and that's what they  
>> made this
>> check for, afaik.
> Thats not quite right. I'm talking specifically about the c++  
> parser and
> that one does expose a public API, including installed headers.

please don't install the headers. Nothing (or very little) in the C++  
plug-in should be public. Just look at visitor.h, it is stupid (and  
ugly) keep it BC.

ciao robe

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