KDevelop-PG bug when printing First/Follow conflicts

Roberto Raggi roberto at kdevelop.org
Thu Jul 19 23:13:12 UTC 2007

Hi Andreas!

Il giorno 20/lug/07, alle ore 00:32, Andreas Pakulat ha scritto:

> Hi,
> I think there's a bug when kdevelop prints the warning about
> first/follow conflicts. The output for the qmake parser before  
> revision
> 690040 contained

actually I found a good number of bugs in kdev-pg :( For instance, -- 
no-ast is broken, scopes are not working as expected,   
yy_expected_token is used in the wrong way and a few other little  
things. So, it's time for a new version :-) My plan:

  - update astyle. The version used in kdev-pg is very old and buggy.

  - improve the library. I want generalize the kdev-pg-token-stream  
and rewrite AST and Visitors

  - do something with the AST generator. Maybe I just have to write a  
different tool to generate ASTs

  - automatic backtracking

  - deprecate the current input file format and use something a  
little bit "more standard" (a lot of people asked for it). It sucks  
because I have to write a tool to convert kdev-pg 1.x files :(

> and the information about which rules/tokens first set conflicted with
> the follow set of the rule is missing. I looked at the code, but  
> didn't
> get very far.

and of course fix this one ;-)

I will branch kdev-pg and start to fix it tomorrow. I will send an  
email to kdevelop-devel with the url of the new repository.

ciao robe

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