Opening the last-opened Projects

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Thu Jul 19 10:17:41 UTC 2007


David just asked me wether this is supposed to work or not, of course
its not supposed to work. 

I had a quick look (and wrote a small "hackish" patch to allow that) and
turns out that there are some questions:

How do we want to handle this? The attached patch adds a new member
function to projectcontroller (not the interface) which reads a config
setting with the urls. This can be triggered from the application's
main.cpp as shown in the 2nd patch. The question is: Do project(s) given
at the commandline disable the loading of last-opened projects or are
they loaded additionally? 

How are loadSettings and saveSettings in projectcontroller supposed to
be used? From where should they be called, whats the bool flag they have

Last but not least: Somehow Core doesn't seem to be deleted properly. I
mean, I added projectcontroller->cleanup() call into Core::cleanup() but
the debugmessage is not printed and the configuration is not saved. Also
I wonder why we don't use K_GLOBAL_STATIC for Core?


Questionable day.

Ask somebody something.

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