KDevelop UI

Roberto Raggi roberto at kdevelop.org
Wed Jul 18 12:12:36 UTC 2007

Hi guys,

I remember some discussion about the KDevelop UI. I think the goal  
was to use a mixture of kdev3-ideal and eclipse UI elements. I  
compiled KDevelop today(I'm mentoring a SOC project, so I'm tracking  
the repository) and the UI doesn't really look like eclipse and for  
sure it is not using ideal. There is this huge combo box (that  
doesn't look great on mac), an iPod-like file browser(on my 20''  
monitor!? wtf :-) and a few docked widgets. I know that kdev4 is  
working in progress, but the UI looks ... well, very interesting ;-)  
do you have a mockup or something with the final UI for KDevelop 4? I  
mean writing an ideal-like UI with Qt is  500-1000 loc and if you  
don't want to use ideal you can write the main GUI using a [QK] 
MainWindow and some dock widgets, maybe 50 loc!?

ciao robe

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