Adding QtDesigner custom widget plugin for KConfigXT

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Wed Jul 11 09:52:45 UTC 2007

On 10.07.07 22:06:26, Adam Treat wrote:
> On Tuesday 10 July 2007, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > Right, and thats exactly why plugins need to be able to have their own
> > environment setting.
> So let them have them!

Now we're talking :)

> > > With my solution it is unambiguous and clear.  The developer need only
> > > look in *one* place and he can expect that all processes or plugins will
> > > adhere to this.  If he needs to change something or open a new 'shell'
> > > he/she can do so in an easy and straightforward manner.
> >
> > Thats just not going to work, IMHO. How do you open a new "shell" in
> > kdevelop? I mean how do you tell kdevelop that you want plugin foo in
> > project bar to have environment variable PATH including
> > /opt/myfoobar/bin? I'd say by having a environment widget in the plugin
> > configuration for foo, which stores its values into the project
> > configuration of bar.
> Simple.  Modify my environment settings widget to have a combo with an 'add 
> env', 'remove env' buttons and a 'current env' drop down list.
> Then the user can press 'add env' and she'll be presented with the environment 
> settings widget i made with all the default environment variables.  The user 
> can then edit it to her hearts content.  She can remove these 'shells' and or 
> add as many as she likes.  She can set the current env to such and such.
> Then, in the plugin config widget you could have a 'set plugin env' drop down 
> list and checkbox that will let the user choose a mandatory shell to use with 
> said plugin/run/debug whatever.  If that drop down is disabled (the default) 
> the plugin will use the currently set environent as found in the environment 
> config widget.
> Same with your multiple run/debug actions.  Just let the user associate an 
> action with a 'shell'.
> If a plugin *must* work with a specific shell then the plugin when loaded can 
> add that shell to the list and set it as the default.
> Still, the user will have *one* place to manager her environment.

Ok, that sounds like a much better plan than "we need 1 place to
configure 1 environment for all plugins of a project" (thats how I
understood your first posts).

So Dukju: If you're still following, please try to implement this,
probably with a "General" kcm in kdevplatform/project that contains the
env-widget. And for the checkbox+combobox I think we need a widget in


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