Whats kdev-pg-replacement.h used for?

Roberto Raggi roberto.raggi at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 13:32:52 UTC 2007


oops!! kdev-pg-replacement is way too hardcoded :-) btw kdev-pg- 
replacement is used to write `code refactoring operations'. I have  
attached a little example and a new version (not very well tested) of  
kdev-pg-replacement.h. Just let me know if it is good enough for you.  
The example contains:

- r.g the grammar for our dummy language
- R_main.cpp the tokenizer + the main example
- new version of include/kdev-pg-replacements.h without the hardcoded  
char* crap
- the generated files

ciao robe

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Il giorno 08/lug/07, alle ore 00:39, Andreas Pakulat ha scritto:

> Hi,
> could someone please enlighten me what kdev-pg-replacement is needed
> for?
> It seems to do some processing on the text of tokens, but thats not
> going to work as I want to remove the type-definition for the text  
> of a
> token. The reason is simply to make kdev-pg more generally usable, for
> example with QString, or if somebody wants with wchar_t or with
> std::string as the type for the parser content.
> So shall I nuke the header? (it doesn't seem to be used by anything  
> in a
> generated parser)
> Andreas
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