Future of teamwork plugin

Andras Mantia amantia at kde.org
Thu Jul 5 20:57:01 UTC 2007

On Thursday 05 July 2007, Andreas Pakulat wrote:

> Sorry I think I'm missing something. KDE's svn commit policy
> explicitly states that there should be no changes done that have been
> objected to. 

I am around for about 5 years and never heard about such policy. :) To 
be more concerte, there might be such policy for parts of KDE, but the 
KDE svn is so huge, with lot of projects and so on, there simply cannot 
be such a global policy there. 
If KDevelop wants to follow such a policy, that is fine for me, and I 
will accept such decisions. 
 Just you know, there are always problems with policies. What if a code 
gets committed without getting objections (maybe because it was simply 
not reviewed), and after a while people (lets say 4 people) start 
objecting to that code, but two other are objecting to the objection. 
Will it remain or will it get removed? And this question is not that 

And now to the teamwork code, and I will say why I don't like where it 
is. This will be my last statement on this issue, as from my point of 
view I see no reason to fight with each other:

1. Because as it seems it will be unmaitained.
2. Because the code looks to complex and sometimes scary to be 
maintained by other persons and so far noone stepped up who will say, 
that he will do. 
3. Because it is big compared to other plugins from the platform. (1.4MB 
source for teamwork, 600KB for the rest of 9 plugins).
4. Because might not be that useful for the generic audience (e.g single 
developers, developers working with vcs systems). Having for those who 
need accessbile in an easy way is something I support very much, though 
as I have no problem with this teamwork idea!
5. Because it depends on boost and I don't like to have Quanta depend on 
6. Because it has a copy of libdiff2.

Some of them for me are "showstoppers", with others I could live with 
You can agree or disagree with me, that will not make a difference with 
the fact that this is how I see kdevplatform & teamwork now.

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