Extending the IProjectFileManager interface

Andras Mantia amantia at kde.org
Tue Jul 3 18:10:05 UTC 2007


 we are discussing here with Jens the need of storing certain 
information for each file inside the project. One case in Quanta would 
be storing information about uploads (to the web server): when the file 
was last uploaded, should it be uploaded or not at all, should it be 
uploaded without asking the user for confirmation. 
I can imagine that other plugins would also like to store information 
about a file belonging to the project.
 Our idea was to store such information in the project configuration 
file (the "local" one if such exists now, not the one that is shared 
between users).
 I'm writing this mail to ask feedback about how do you think we should 
go on. The solution are:
1) Extend IProjectFileManager with the needed methods (probably 
something like writeProperty(ProjectItem*, key, value) and 
readProperty(ProjectItem*, key) ). The IProjectFileManager would 
contain a default implementation for these methods, so there is no need 
to reimplement them in every project file manager, unless there is a 
need for a different behavior. Our way of implementing this would be 
storing every file as a group (in the KConfig object) and add the 
key/value pairs to it.

2) Write our own little plugin which does the above and put it in either 
Quanta (so only Quanta plugins would benefit of this), or in 


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