If you're not working on KDevelop 4, you should be

Amilcar do Carmo Lucas webmaster at kdevelop.org
Tue Feb 20 17:19:15 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 20 February 2007 16:59:14 Andras Mantia wrote:
> I don't understand this. So what if somebody comes up with bugfixes?
If somebody comes with bugfixes for KDevelop 3.3.x, those fixes can be 
integrated in the KDevelop 3.3.x branch (KDE/3.5)

If somebody comes with bugfixes for KDevelop 3.4.x, those fixes can be 
integrated in the KDevelop 3.4.x branch

I think it makes sense to keep the branches separated altough there will no 
longer be KDevelop 3.3.x releases.
But KDevelop 3.3.x is still important because it has a very low KDE 
requirement, it can be used in older computers.

> I 
> think the solution is to merge 3.4 into the KDE 3.5 branch, so
> everytime a new KDE 3.5.x is released, a new KDevelop is released with
> fixes.
We can still, and will still release KDevelop 3.4.x with new KDE releases.

> If KDevelop 3.4 will live in a separate branch in the future, 
> than I agree it might take too much effort to schedule and handle new
> bugfix releases, as KDevelop4 is more important.
No it's not complicated I did it and I can continue to do it in the future.
A complete KDevelop 3.4.x release takes about two hours work (from docs to 30+ 
binary RPMs)
> But if it simply gets 
> tagged and released together with KDE, I see no problem: if somebody
> wants to take care of it, why not?

Apaku and I found a way to release translated versions of KDevelop 3.4.x 
We now just have to "sell" the idea to coolo.

Amilcar Lucas
The KDevelop project

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