subversion part can be improved somewhat

dukju ahn dukjuahn at
Sun Feb 4 15:28:29 UTC 2007


Although current subversion integration part is useful and successful to
conduct basic functionality, I think that some user-friendly UIs( dialog
boxes ) can  be added more.

Specifically, Suppose that we commit multiples of files by committing one
directory. We want to be able to DESELECT certain files in this directory. (
ex I want to commit certain file groups later, so I want to exclude that
file now ).  Thus when I commit one directory, it would be nice to show
selection dialog box. Similar things could be applied to add/remove to/from

Anyway, I am implementing this feature now. But before I complete, I want to
receive some feedback. How many people think that such functionality is

Also, the subversion part doesn't support previous log. Unfortunately,  I
found that kdesdk-kio-plugin does not provide any service for log. Thus, It
would be hard to support log-viewing

I want your feedback.
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